Android motion controller for Hexy now available for testing

Still no luck getting it to work and it throws no errors at all when I try to use the app. It seems to pair fine with the bluetooth module but for some reason the movement logic does not seem to get passed to hexy.

Any help is appreciated.

From my own experience with android and hexy, I would say it’s worth connecting a battery to the logic circuit as well as the ones for the servos. Let the logic set up then attach the servo batteries. Might help.

How about the AndMoCo1.2 apk?
I (unfortunately) have a 2.3.6 gingerbread version of Andoid on my phone (Samsung Galaxy GT-S5660V).
I have an error immediately when trying to open the apk (it says: “error while analyzing the packet”). The apk doesn’t install at all.
I read on the forum this can be related to a poor version of API…

Have you got any prevision about releasing 1.2, or making older API compatible?