Battery Life

What kind of battery life are people seeing with their Hexy? I was using 4 AA batteries while waiting for my Powerex rechargeables to arrive, and after 10 or so movements I was getting the curl up with every action. Also tried with 5 Eneloop rechargeables I have (1.2v each) fully charged and got maybe 5-6 movements before the constant curl up.

Are you driving the logic and servos from the same battery pack?

I used Joe’s advice and started using the 4 AA-battery pack (LSD NIMH) for the servos, and a 9V for the logic. Worked great, and Hexy has taken multiple 30+ foot walks via bluetooth using that config before I had to recharge. The 9V seems to be going strong, so I think that will last a while…

Nope, using a 9V for logic.

I’ve been driving both from one set of 4 AA batteries, and they’re wiped out in seconds.

I can run the logic on a 9v battery, but even then it sounds like the battery life for the servo battery is quite short (which makes sense, as 19 servos must draw a lot more current than an Arduino controller, even one with a ton of control lines).

Since Hexy can’t go too far on batteries anyway, I’m thinking that external power is the way to go. Has anyone identified a power supply that has the right voltage, plug and polarity for Hexy? 5v power supplies are cheap, but there’s such a wide range of connectors (and amperages and polarity) that I’m not too sure what matches Hexy’s specs, ideally with a nice long cord. Any suggestions?

And if it’s on an external power supply, is there any reason not to drive both servos and logic from a single 5v power supply?

You may find your answer on the wiki

It seems that Hexy can’t make it very far on it’s own battery power. Are there any other types of battery packs that would give a longer run time? I’m not talking anything crazy like 20 minutes, but maybe 5-10 minutes continued use?

I’m getting good life out of 4 high-end rechargeable batteries. Hard to say exactly how long it lasts, as I tend to kill the servos between moves (as recommended here), but I’d estimate at least 15 minutes of jiggling about before it curls up like a dead spider.

PS scooter1015, definitely get a Hexy, it’s awesome.

PS scooter1015, definitely get a Hexy, it’s awesome.[/quote]
Oh, I fully plan on getting one of these bad boys once I graduate and my wife and I move to a more permanent location when I start working later in the spring. I’ve checked out your site Rob and love what you’re doing, especially from an engineering standpoint.

So the AAs last for a while on their own, which is good, but how long should I expect each 9V to last if I’m using that to power the controller. I have yet to find a fairly inexpensive place to buy 9Vs, and if I’m going through a lot, I’d like to look into a different method of powering the board separate from the servos.