I am apparently beyond hope: cannot figure out even the first thing to do

HELP. This robot is supposed to be used by 7-year-olds, but here I am and I can’t figure out how to do literally anything with it.

When we pulled it out of the box, we tested him using the remote, and I could make him move in all directions. Great.

So then I downloaded the Arduino software. I uploaded the example program to Sparki. So far, so good. But that’s where the instructions end. Now what do we do with him? He no longer responds to the remote control’s instructions to move. I have no idea what this example program does or how to use it. I also downloaded the line following software, but now I have a zip file on my computer that I have no idea what do do with.

Apparently, I can’t figure out a robot intended for children? Help? I’m a moron, yes. Someone please hold my hand.