Software modifications and upgrades of Hexy


Im doing the same thing with a raspberry pi right now. I would love if you put down a tutorial for doing this on picuntu. I have the same stick you have at home.


Nice, I had thought about this but I think the RPi is just a little too big and little too underpowered for any kind of image processing tasks.
I don’t want to derail this thread, so I have replied in depth to your question in another thread Hexy with onboard Linux



I’ve installed all libraries and I am using your package v1.2, but when I start the head from Hexy is turning from right to left and stops at certain locations, just to start this all over again.

I’ll get this following error messages, too:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Z:\Program Files (x86)\Hexy\PoMoCo-1.0\”, line 54, in
File “PoMoCo\”, line 2822, in startGUI
app = App(root,controller)
File “PoMoCo\”, line 108, in init
self.DancingControls = groupDancingControl(self.frame, self.con, self.Dict, colX = 25, rowY = 0)
File “PoMoCo\”, line 2013, in init = = pyaudio.paInt16, channels = 1, rate = 44100, input = True, frames_per_buffer = self.chuck)
File “C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\”, line 747, in open
stream = Stream(self, *args, **kwargs)
File “C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\”, line 442, in init
self._stream =**arguments)
IOError: [Errno Invalid input device (no default output device)] -9996

I hope you guys can provide me some help, while I’m trying to fix this problem by myself. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for making Hexy an awesome Hexapod! Big thanks to those who share their skills in programming! Keep up the good work guys:)


Wanting to download and try using this (great work by the way - thanks) but my Norton Insight had blocked the Matplotlib as it “shows signs of being a threat” Is it ok to install?


Yeah its fine.


Hey guys,

well… umm… I just received and built my Hexy and wanted to give it a first try. But I was very unhappy with the result. A lot of jittering and it looks like, it doesn’t have enough power to get off the floor. Well, so I started searching for some help and now I landed here.

First of all: what a great work! It is my frist time that I get in contact with python (etc) but nevertheless, what you (Michal) did seems just awesome to me!

But now I need some help. As I just mentioned, this is the first time for me, to work with python und I want to upgrade my software environment for Hexy, as you did. Could anyone provide a step-by-step tutorial? I tried to install python and some libraries and so on, but unfortunately without success.

OS is Win7 64 Bit, default ArcBotics PoMoCo software installed including Servotor1.0 driver. Firmware on the Servotor is 2.0 from Arcbotics.

Thank you guys VERY much in advance!!!


Hi, I’m newbie with hexy and programming, but I’ve followed this topic and I’m trying to use the PoMoCo 2.1 - After successfully assembling hexy, using PoMoCo 1.0 and played with him for some time…

First of all, thanks to Michal and all other involved on this post for the GREAT stuff. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve installed everything (PoMoCo 2.1, numpy, matplotlib, pygame) and made it work… The kinematic controls, the drawing… I’m able to control it either via USB or bluetooth…
But there is an akward issue… :unamused:
The pre-set moves are not working properly… There is some problems with the ankles that does not allow the Hexy to “stand-up”.
i.e. When I use the “get up” move, hexy ends up with the ankles not touching the ground, but facing outside, the “first half” is right, but at the second, this happens.
It looks like the move files are wrong because it happens with all moves (but this isnt the problem because when I use the PoMoCo 1.0 with the same move files, there is no problem).
I can’t find a better way to describe this and as I don’t have a clue on what is happening I can’t even look for a solution… Can anybody help me, at least, identify the problem?

~I’m sorry if my english is crap :confused: anyway, cheers from Brazil! :wink:


I have had the same problem.

In line #21 I changed the angle offselt from 0.0 to 50. This seems to partially fix the problem, at the very least, it Hexy’s walking tooks better. hehe
.ankleOffset = 50.0


Fix bug in michal software “PoCoMo 1.2 - Michal.ZIP” (update from Pomoco 1.0)

It seem to be a bug that happend to the ankle of all the move in Michal update Pomoco for Vitual robot and stuff . It took me quite long time to find the bug.

This happend because he change the code in

if (footY < 75) and (footY > -75): kneeAngle = math.degrees(math.asin(float(footY)/75.0)) ankleAngle = ankleOffset - kneeAngle + footRx #problem here

i dont known what it mean to do but i just change it like the original Pomoco1.0 .Like this

        if (footY < 75) and (footY > -75):
            kneeAngle = math.degrees(math.asin(float(footY)/75.0))
            ankleAngle = 90-kneeAngle
          # ankleOffset - kneeAngle + footRx

Wha-la problem fixed. i hope this help.


Michal this is so funny, nice one on making Hexy even more cute.