Study of Hexy

Hello World !

To introduce myself, I’m a student in electronics in South of France (so excuse me for my english :smiley:).
My Hexy is fully fonctionnal.

I’m very proud to be an Hexy’s owner, and I want to use Hexy for a project in my university.
This project must be presented in June 2014, so I have time to work on Hexy.

To sum up, have you got some problems with Hexy that I can help resolve ?
If you have some improvements that you want to realize and you don’t have the time, I can help :smiley:
I can have idea for improvements.

I’ll share all of my discovery in this forum, in the spirit of OpenSource.

Thank you for reading.

What sort of “problems” are you after? There are a few people with particular projects going on with Hexy on this forum. Many would welcome some support.

What level of electronics are you studying at? What sort of thing do you need to present in June 2014?

Inverse-Kinematics is a nice entry problem (solved on this forum already), but implementing it in the Servotor32 would be cool. This could allow smoother, more accurate movements.

How about Hexy as a 5-axis machine? Or Hexy-the-3D-printer?

Good luck!

For electronics, I can have help from my professor.

I search a problematic and when I find it, I need to resolve it.

Thanks for your answer, I see the forum for this particular projects.

Personally, I think a great area for exploration is the Bluetooth module and the ability to run Hexy programmes from a phone. Phones already all come with Bluetooth, so it’s a matter of figuring out the pairing (not too difficult), as well as sending serial commands and making some kind of PoMoCo for the phone. Seems like an interesting project that you could work on.

Looks like someone else had the same idea:

I have a strange problem, when I try move the Right Front servo it makes whirring noises (like its trying to move) but nothing happens. I’ve tried manually controlling hexy and nothing happens, just more whirring. Is this the broken servo? :open_mouth:


Sounds like it. The easiest way to fix it is to get a replacement servo, but if you don’t mind doing some work yourself, the cheapest way is to buy a gear pack (it has enough for 10 servos), and replace the broken gear inside:

I fixed my servo but now I can’t connect to it over bluetooth or usb!!! :neutral_face:
NO! I’ve just FIXED something and now something else!! :angry:
It says offline.

Can you please help?


Never mind problem solved.