Windows 8 64 bit Problem installing drivers - FIXED


I have windows 8 64 bit and just got my Sparki today. The basic software installed but the two drivers failed.
I tried manual install which also failed.

Is this supposed to work on 64 bit machines? I noted the Sparki software was installed in the x86 program directory.



Yes, it works with 64-bit. This is a Windows 8 issue, because it requires signed drivers. If you look through the forums, several how-tos have been posted which address the issue.


Sorry I missed them. Maybe an incomplete search.

fYI I found the following link helpful. … windows-8/

following it I was able to install both drivers.

Now trying to upload a new sketch to Sparki.

Going very slow but I have read this is apparently a USB3 issue.

Maybe I will switch to my old windows 7 laptop.



You shouldn’t need to do that now, new win8x64 tested version here:


Nice to hear that but I just followed the Getting Started on your web site and downloaded the software.