Arducopter system?


Hi, have you a project (for the future) of a robotic system based on Arducopter? A low cost quadcopter etc…?


We’re tinkering with quadcopters right now, and while we might get use some arduocopter material, it would be based on internal stuff.


Thank you for the response!
Have you other informations about this project?


Not much, no. We’re aiming for very low cost, yet to be expandable. It would likely be very small, and not much payload, but very cheap, open-source and expandable. Also, not coming out for a while :wink:


We did a very compact 4-legged version a while back. While a bit cheaper, Not too fussed about mobile app integration right now


Not at this time, no. there are already too many quadcopters available for it to be worth our time, compared to other robots we could make.