Arduino move code generator



Any update regarding the ‘Arduino move code generator’ you talked about developing back in December.

Is this project still going to happen or have Arcbotics dropped it?

Just would like to know, one way or another, if not I’m thinking of buying a ‘EZ-Robot’ EZ-V4 controller,
and ditching the Servotor32 controller!!



Yes, we are still working on this. I would say within the next couple of weeks it should be out. I’ve been working on Sparki until now, but I’m currently in the progress of updating the Servotor software, which will be followed by the move generator.


OK thanks,
Understand you have been busy on Sparki, and please to hear your updating the Servotor software for Hexy.
Looking forwards to the Arduino move generator once released.



Anything on this?



Any news on the Servotor software update, and the move generator?


I think that Hexy is no longer part of Arcbotics priorities and that is unfortunate.


Ended up that I’m re-writing PoMoCo’s entire GUI. It wasn’t feasible with the existing style to fit in the 3D simulator and the code generator, and I also wanted to make it headless for Raspberry Pi/Edison. Taking a bit longer as a result, but its looking good:


Fantastic to know, work on this hasn’t been disbanded!

Looks great, any idea when it will be available and posted.



No set date yet. I work on it when I get the chance. There’s good pressure for me to do it though, because we really need it for our next robot.


Well it’s been awhile since I visited this site and forums. While waiting for the new upgraded version and updates for Hexy, I decided to buy a quadcopter. Just wondering if I can use servotor32 and Arduino codes to upgrade with it. Still gathering information for that. I’m planning to combine the quadcopter and Hexy so It can do moves on land and air as well…I’m hoping Arcbotics can add the quadcopter project on their collection.



No plans for a quadcopter.


Yup! We have it as part of the stock PoMoCo now: … de-pomoco/