autonomous hexy


i will represent my self my name is Saiid Abi Farraj i am an telecommunication engineer from Lebanon (middle east).

I have make hexy the hexapode autonomous no need to be controlled by by a person.

The main idea is to set the hexy to operate automatically avoiding obstacles and receive the coordinates of his location using a GPS module. and take decision of the his path to reach the destination point.

watch the video :

the distance between hexy and an obstacle :

the disecion to turn left:

gps location:

If any one has a question or help i am ready.

If you wish to share the codes just simply use this when you post a reply. How did you exactly do it? Can you show us the steps to make hexy autonomously?


  • relodan

I think that Rob did this allready

that Rob didnt allread do it

my robot dont use any human interface

he is automated and using GPS for his moving .

Hi Sujith,

What was the error you got when you were compiling?
Did you make sure to have all of the folders in the firmware download in the same folder? Not doing so can lead to compilation errors.