Bluetooth problem - HELP

I had been using the Arcbotics supplied BT board very successfuly being able to control hexy “wirelessly” from my laptop and my wife’s Android (ICS/4.0) phone using AnMoCo (an andriod version of PoMoCo).

My problems started when I accidentally plugged the 9v “Logic” supply into the “Servo” supply socket ( :open_mouth: ) which has blown something on the BT board :blush: (probably the voltage regulator on the host board) because the BT board’s LED doesn’t light up at all and the BT is unresponsive. :imp:

Seeing as I am in the UK I found a replacement BT board (HC-06) from a UK supplier which when plugged into the Servotor board seems to work when controlling Hexy from my laptop (using PoMoCo). A couple of things are slightly different to the Arcbotics BT board thopugh:

  1. The module needs 1234 instead of 0000 to pair;
  2. The name is “HC-06” rather than the original “Arcbotics”;
  3. The red LED flashes rapidly before pairing, flashes rapidly (same rate) when paired (the original flashed slower when paired), and is solid when PoMoCo connects (same as the original).

It works and can control Hexy from the laptop. However, the problem is that the new BT board is unresponsive (doesn’t connect) when using the Android app (AnMoCo) which worked with the original BT board. This is frustrating. The board pairs with the phone OK but doesn’t connect when AnMoCo is run (the red LED flashes rapidly continually) and I can’t control Hexy. :cry:

My thoughts were that possibly the AnMoCo app is looking for the “Arcbotics” name and my “HC-06” named board is being ignored. Also, the “1234” pin might be causing problems.

Is there any way I can re-programme the BT board to rename it (I assume it need to be “Arcbotics” again) and set the pin to “0000” (just in case this is a problem) using the USB link and the Servotor32 board via the Arduino serial monitor/terminal utility?

I have seen that some AT commands can be sent to an unpaired board to change some parameters like baud, name and pair code, by a direct serial link, but my question is this: Can this be done via the Servotor connected to the PC by USB? If so, how should I make the changes (what are the AT commands and protocol)?