C# Hexy Support

I’ve start on a C# port of PoMoCo. For the moment I’ve just done the interface library, so there’s no gui or dynamic way to load movement patterns.

I’ve put the code up at github.com/Togusa09/Hexy

Nice work. Being a C# man, this has made it a lot easier for me. Not sure if you are making a GUI, but I will probably make a basic GUI (sliders etc) this afternoon, just so this thing can get off the ground. I have some ideas about making a more intuitive GUI as well, so its a bit easier to work on moves and such.

One thing, which i have changed from your direct port, is the ability to select your COM port if you wish.

Anyway again, nice port. Very well laid out, easy to work on.

Just a question regarding your serial handler. Has it been working fine for you, or did you have to do something to get it working. Been playing around, and can’t get your one to go. Wrote a basic serial I/O program, and i can talk to hexy (and get its response to V). But i thought before I rip apart what you have done, whether you had any advice.

One thing I did notice, was you aren’t setting dtrenable, which seemed to be the key for me to get readline to work. But i have no real experience with serial comms in c#.

Alright, well this whole gui thing was put on a backburner for a bit, as i did some other stuff. But i spent some time today, to add a bit more functionality, and thought i might as well release it. Not 100% happy with it, few issues here and there (mentioned below), but nothing that stops it running.

Biggest changes, no windows method for serial connect (doesn’t seem needed). Added time outs for connect, so you don’t waste your whole connection timeout on the wrong port. Added connect and disconnect buttons.

Issues, few issues with trying to press too many buttons at once (i.e. spamming the connect and disconnect). I am not 100% sure on the going forward move. Doesn’t seem the same as the python one, but OP wrote it, so i haven’t really had a chance to look it over.

Anyone who has a chance please give this ago, so i can see if there are any issues. Will probably add more moves, and try improve functionality etc when i get the chance. Let me know if anyone has any requested features.


Source Code:
Will add when i setup github

dropbox.com/sh/od784c5ti21b … V_/HexyGUI

I’ll certainly be playing with this when I get my Hexy, I’m also a C# man, but will do C++ for food.

The GUI is really nice. Can you please provide the source code.

Source code here:
dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/482 … 20Hexy.rar

Reason I didn’t upload before was a I found a few bugs which i thought i would fix. But ended up thinking its worthwhile redoing the interfacing between the GUI and hexydriver, since when I first did it, it was more a case of trying to build it up to a state where everything would work. I also think the hexydriver itself would benefit from a rewrite, since in both python and c# throws up errors when you lose your serial connection, or flood the serial. The c# version in particular has some issue with the serial trying to execute too fast. But the bugs might go even down to the microcontroller code, since I have seen another user say their version of the code reduces a lot of the issues.

Anyway have stopped dev on this, because i got quite busy with work, and will probably be busy until possibly september. So feel free to take it in whatever direction (and even setup a github). Will have a second go at this again sometime, because having a smooth native windows client will be better than using python.