Cannot select port in Arduino nor PoMoCo

Hello there,

I have a Hexy, about 4 years old.
I have only just again taken an interest in it.
When I connect it via usb, neither the Arduino IDE nor PoMoCo can connect to it.
With either, there are no ports to select from.
I already have two boards, for a reason I cannot remember, but neither of them works.

I tried my Arduino UNO, and it connects fine.

Here’s a few questions/suggestions:

Does the red light pulse on the Servotor32 when the reset button is pressed? (it pulsing will indicate a good bootloader - no pulsing may indicate there’s a bootloader problem)

Have you tried different USB cables? (Unlikely that both boards would be bad - most likely a driver problem, but bad cables are very easy to diagnose by trying another)

What OS are you running? (Windows needs drivers, OSX and Linux do not)

Have you tried the dedicated driver installer with the Servotor32 plugged in?