Can't register with Language German

It’s not possible to register to this forum when selection “Deutsch” as language. If you don’t change the language it works fine.

Can confirm this problem, if you change the language setting on the registration form, it keeps directing you back to the Terms of Service thing.

If anyone is struggling with this: you can change your language settings under “User Control Panel -> Board preferences -> My Language”.

Hm, for me registering with “Deutsch” worked well just a few minutes ago. To finish registration you only have to go back one step in Browser when the german legal agreement is displayed.

Don’t wanna make another account, but this does seem to work. Still, the fact that you have to go back to register with a different language and can’t do it simply by clicking “I Agree” to the German legal agreement and all that does seem like a minor bug, that should probably be ironed out at some point… it’s not really that much of a problem though, especially since there’s some easy fixes for it, so I guess it’s okay.

Also, Germans are totally taking over this forum. Sweet.