Connect or use with PIXY?


Hi I was wondering if Sparki would work easily with the Aurdino based computer vision board PIXY?


It does! We purchased one and have been playing with it. Had to 3d-print an adapter to fit it onto the head, though.


Then…I am SOLD!

Thanks for the info!


Do you have any sample code and/or tips to share? I don’t care if it’s a finished product, it just would be nice to get some tips on where to start with interfacing a Pixy with Sparki. Thanks!


Oh - and would it be possible to get the files for the adapter you had to print?


I’m just bumping this topic because I also have a Sparki and a Pixy, and I want to use them together.

If the 3D print file is available, that would be awesome.

If not, I was thinking I might be able to 3D print a carrier/adapter that attaches to the Ping head on Sparki, that holds the Pixy above it. Awkward, perhaps, but it seems to have advantages too.


I attached the adapter we used below. It uses the right-angle mounts that come with Pixy. I’ll post the code once I get it cleaned up more. Still cranking on the PoMoCo update at the moment, and moving to San Francisco this week. (8.8 KB)


Sorry for the late response - I just wanted to say:

Thank You!

I hope to make use of this soon (Pixy just got new firmware, and I can’t wait to work with their color codes now).