Did I accidentally wipe my board?

I got Hexy about a year and a half ago for Christmas and just now got around to finishing building him. I plugged him in to my Mac last night to try and get him going and at first managed to get some of the servos moving, but eventually they all went into the spider curl position. At a point as well, the light on my board stopped being lit and it turns out my batteries were dead. Before I realized the batteries were dead however (and I’m not sure when exactly they died) I tried to update the firmware because it had been over a year since he was shipped and I figured there were updates since then. Following various tutorials from Arduino and Arcbotics I downloaded the Arduino IDE and the Servotor32 2.0 firmware. As a test, I uploaded the “Blink” test code from the IDE to Hexy. I’m not even entirely sure it was uploaded properly because the only serial ports available to upload to were “/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port” and “/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem” and my Bluetooth module for Hexy was not plugged into his board. I fear it may have uploaded and in the process wiped his firmware or something. I charged the batteries overnight and the charger said all good, I plugged them in and got a little whirring from the servos being powered but that died down quick, and the PoMoCo fails to make Hexy do anything at all. He doesn’t even curl up. The LED light is also not on and hasn’t been. I really want to play around with the robot, please help.

Hardware Specs:
Computer OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.4
Batteries: 4x AA 1.2v 1500 mAh Energizer Rechargeable NiMH
I will happily list any other specs that will help.

The dead spider curl is due to low batteries:

Blink code won’t work for Hexy, it has to have the firmware, or code like it with the library to run.
arcbotics.com/hosting/Servotor32 … 32_2v0.zip

I would recommend getting fresher/better batteries, and re-installing the original firmware with a manual upload: