Digital Metal Gear Servos, HobbyKing HK-15178B

I replaced all of Hexy’s servos (except the neck one) with HobbyKing Digital Metal Gear (MG) Servos. These servos are the same size as the TowerPro servos that Hexy came with, but the cord is significantly shorter, so I needed to buy servo leads for the ankles.

In general these seem to have more torque and less jitter than the TowerPro servos. They do jitter a little, but the motion is less dramatic and doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

Here is a video:

I’ve been pretty hard on Hexy and broke 6 of the TowerPro SG92R servo gears, the gear teeth just snap. I was slowly replacing them with some HXT900 servos that I had laying around (I had 4 total, and none of them broke), but once I ran out of those I decided to try out these MG servos. So far I’ve been happier with them. I’ve put 2-4x the amount of time working with Hexy in on these Digital MG servos and so far I’ve only had to replace 1 (it was a bad knee joint that I replaced very early, it would sometimes go all the way up for no reason at all, and if I left hexy alone in that state it would eventually go back down).

Hope this helps!

HobbyKing HK-15178B Digital MG Servo 13.5g / 1.5kg / 0.08s
I bought these for $3.98 each.

For the servo leads, I bought 10 piece bag of 10CM leads for $1.99 (I only needed 6, one for each ankle servo):

In case you missed it, another option for Metal Gear servos is the Turnigy brand, more info was posted by h3ss here:
[url]Metal Gear Replacement Servos, Turnigy TGY-50090M]