Flowstone Servator Compatibility

Ok i have been playing around with Flowstone a program that Lynxmotion uses for its robots.
I found it compatible with the servator board as it uses also serial commands.

Only difference from the board they use(SSC-32 Servo controller) and the servator is the arrangement of the serial commands.

Lets say you want to move Servo 8 with the SSC-32 board to center. You just type in this command #8 P1500 and for a servator board is #8P1500.

So the diffrence is just one space between the servo number and a letter P.

I made this short test that was derived from this http://www.dsprobotics.com/support/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=351
I just deleted the space in the code and it worked. Il hopefully be doing a complete control software for hexy using the Flowstone software using the already calculated code that some of the guys made for hexy.

As im not a python or any kind of coder its quite easy for me to use this software. Its still hard but the gui based coding helps a lot.

And here is the test i made.

Wow great find:) What else did you discover from lynxmotion?
Can we use some of their stuffs and codes to work on our Hexy?

Well most of their control programs that they use are made in flowstone so it should be possible to use the servator board with their products and also use some of their hexapod programs to control hexy. You would need to change some of the values like dimensions of the legs and stuff for their IK code to work.

Im working on it :mrgreen:

Same here. We’ll can’t wait for us to figure something out using some of lynxmotion stuffs and codes.