Hexenstein - Hexy emulator for Windows

Ok, so I got bored waiting for my hexy to turn up. So I made an emulator for it.

Hexenstein 0.9.0

The code is available on GitHub. https://github.com/distantcam/Hexenstein

Also, you will need some sort of null-modem. I recommend installing com0com. Also if you are running Windows Vista or later you will need to turn on unsigned driver support for com0com to work. Instructions are in the com0com readme.

This is some pretty cool stuff. I’d love to finish up my simulator at some point, but I need to find a better graphics library in python first.

Very nice job with the emulator! It lets me spend some time practicing with the hexy at work when I don’t have the bot with me. :smiley:

I would love to see more fetures on this thing like adding your own parts to the simulation.


Woot I got it running in windows pretty cool :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton,

Do I need to install visual studio to run this, or is there an EXE I’m missing?

Its should be a .exe download. Maybe your antivirus blocked it?

Which directory is the exe in? Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.

I believe the EXE would be in


github doesn’t appear to host the EXE, only the source.

haha, my bad. I didn’t see the mediafire link, only the github. That would explain it. Thanks!

How do you move the servos?