How to control Servotor32 via an external Arduino

Hi !

I would like to control the Servotor32 via an external arduino, but I don’t know how to deal with it. Can you help me for wiring ? Do you you also know if I need to include librairies, and how looks like that kind of code ?

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You would need to wire TX->RX and RX->TX for the serial ports between the arduino and the Servotor32. Make sure you also connect ground pins on the two boards together.

You can communicate with the Servotor32 by using the serial commands:

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Is it also possible to activate a move through the Arduino by pressing a button for example ? Should I either use I²C communication, or RX TX ?

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Yes, its possible to add a button either to the servotor32, or to an arduino attached to it,

I would use TX-RX serial.