Inverse Kinematics Controller

Hello everyone,

I created an inverse kinematics controller for Hexy. It’s a bit jerky since Servotor is a bit slugish (I modified it to make it a bit faster), but I think the result is worth showing.


Here’s a video:

Give it a try! :slight_smile:

Nice work on the different walking gaits!

Can you walk me though the installation of your files and any controller configuration required?

Thanks, I’m new at this.

George S.

Sorry for the late response, I don’t check here very often!

Sure, I can walk you through it if you like. Would you like me to help you over Google hangouts? If so, PM me!

Hello dear friend.
I am new and I look for how you can run your Hexy as well. I downloaded your files, I have the same handle to the web, but how to bring all that to get the same result?
Arcbotics should be less novices like me.
Excuse my English translated by Google, I’m french and not very focused.

Really great stuff. I’m an enthusiast of Hexy.