Just completed build, Hexy not moving on startup =(

Just got done building him and once I’d connected all the servos and switched him on, the status light came on but I saw smoke and immediately cut off. Now there’s no light coming from the board and if i switch on the legs twitch a bit then go limp. All the servo wires are connected with brown facing outwards, and the usb cable was connected when I powered him on. Is my brand new bot fried??

First off, not to worry, whatever happened, we’ll make sure you get a full working robot again!

We need some more information to figure out what happened:
1.) What battery pack are you using? (Black plastic 4-AA, black plastic 5-AA, or white 4-AA PCB with switches/plug?)
2.) What kind of batteries did you use? (Alkaline, NiMH rechargables, NiCad, etc)
3.) Did you have anything else plugged into the board at the time? (bluetooth module, etc)
4.) Were there any other batteries plugged in at the time? (i.e. a 9v battery into the logic power supply)