Looking for old hexys

Anybody have an older hexy they are willing to sell? I am looking for the older ones that came in various colors. I have a blue and a green. Any orange, reds, grays, blacks or clear available (or a color I missed). My criteria: they must be intact. no broken or missing structural parts. Non working servos are ok.
If you have one, lets talk. No greens or blues please!

If this is a duplicate message, my apologies. I somehow exited the original message I was compiling.
I built my Hexy two years ago and found the robot hard to program and the servos weak.
Recently I started thinking about it again, and that is how I found your post. I would like to communicate with you, but not through this forum.
Here are a couple of links to my pages. If you want to contact me, send me a message.
Best regards…