Make Sparki go faster by changing speed parameter?

I wanted Sparki to move faster and so I’ve used:

to increase its speed. And that works. Anything above 160 seems to just freeze the wheel motors though.

Also, the gripper doesn’t work above a speed of 100, so I use the lower level calls:

//limits.h defines ULONG_MAX
#include <limits.h>

//close gripper
sparki.motorRotate(MOTOR_GRIPPER, DIR_CW, 100, ULONG_MAX);

//open gripper
sparki.motorRotate(MOTOR_GRIPPER, DIR_CCW, 100, ULONG_MAX);

Is there any danger of damaging the wheel motors by running them at this higher speed?

Increasing speed won’t damage the motors. Turning them faster will make them weaker, though, especially as the batteries get weaker. As you discovered, you can make them get so weak they won’t even turn any more.

Hi, values from 0 to 255 will work in as parameter but, its not pretty good for the motors .