Move forward issue

Hello, I am planning to move the Hexy robot at BLUETOOTH signal.

The BLUETOOTH communication works well between the Hexa robot and ground control computer.
However, the Hexy robot are not moving forward when I use the Arduino ‘move forward code’ generated by the PoMoCo program.
It meas that the movement of the robot is pushed to the right side inch by inch.
Sure, I finished calibration of the servo motors whenever I try.

How can I solve this problem easily?


I’m not quite sure I understand the issue.

If you’re using generated Arduino code, and loading it onto the Servotor32 controller, then Bluetooth communication will not work (unless you specifically add it). The Arduino generated code is for loading onto the controller to run without the computer. Bluetooth communication is for running tethered wirelessly to the computer.

Thank you for your response and your kind words.
I know what you are trying to say.

I just want to make the Hexy move forward, but it didn’t work well.
The current situation is that the robot moves to the right side inch by inch per every forward-step.
I am using 9200mAh NIMH battery, so it seems power supply is not a problem.

Is there some other simple sequence of servo motors to move forward for the robot except the code generated from PoMoCo program?!
Thank you.

Where did you get a 9200mAh battery? AA NiMH batteries only get up to 2600mAh, so either you’re using huge D-cell sized batteries (which are probably crushing hexy under the weight), or you’re using off-brand fake chinese batteries, which are probably more like 500-1000mAH - and should get batter batteries.

I would suggest getting batter batteries from a reputable brand before moving forward, as many issues can be traced back to bad batteries. Eneloops are always a popular choice.