My Hexy robot controller with Galileo

I created a robot controller for hexy using an Intel Galileo development board. I posted my main information to the Galileo forum instead of here as this is more of a Galileo modification than being hexy-specific. Here is a detailed write-up with photos:

My controller isn’t really much better than the PS3 controllers that others have been using, but it was a fun project. The real advantage is that the controller contains an x86 chip and bluetooth module so it doesn’t require a separate computer to operate. The Parallax joystick is pretty cool as well. I wouldn’t recommend this kind of thing to people who want a cheap and easy controller for hexy. It was more of a fun hobby project than the best practical solution. A phone or PS3 controller is way easier to get running. I was using Linux on a tablet until I created this controller.

This is my first post here, but I have been reading the forums for a while. Many thanks to those who have posted PoMoCo source code modifications. I tried out various IK posts on my controller. I don’t remember which I am currently running. I have also downloaded many of the custom moves and have them mapped to the buttons.