Need More Flash Memory for Sparki

I’m working on an educational application for Sparki, and I’m running out of flash memory (RAM space is fine).

In my sketch I’ve #included <sparki.h> and have also #included NO_MAG, but not NO_ACCEL because my sketch does not compile (what gives??).

Here’s what I’ve done so far…I do need the LCD so that remains commented out.
//#define NO_LCD // disables the LCD, frees up 3088 Bytes Flash Memory, 1k RAM
//#define NO_ACCEL // disables the Accelerometer, frees up 598 Bytes Flash Memory
#define NO_MAG // disables the Magnetometer, frees up 2500 Bytes Flash Memory

I only need the LCD, motors, beeper and servo functions and nothing else, so is there any way to increase flash memory like NOT including sparki.h but instead including only the individual libraries for these functions?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



What’s the reason you need this much flash space for? The things you mentioned are the only options to free up flash. There’s no “individual” libraries for these functions, because they work in a very inter-dependent way in order to all work on Sparki. (lots of multiplexing and timing in order to make that many sensors and input/outputs work on Sparki).

Hi, I was wondering if there are any tutorials for the memory hacking software. Also is there anything else I need to know before using this?