New sparki with faulting ultrasonic sensor?

Hi everybody,

I finally got my sparki one week ago.
I am experiencing problems with the ultrasonic sensor;
Wall avoidance example code sometimes works for a while, but sparki begins to always go backward;
So I am testing the distance measured by the ultrasonic sensor, filtering the results doing the average, as explained in one lesson: it is very often stuck on 5 cm or less!!!
I took the sensor out of its place, and for some moments it seems to work while it is in my hands, giving possible distances; but when I put it in place again it begins to give distance of 5 cm for long time or less than 5.
In the end it seems to give umpredictable results;
Do you think the sensor is broken? How can I check it?

Thanks for your help

Hi Emmix,

Sounds like your sensor doesn’t work like it should. If you can let us know your address at, we can ship you a new ultrasonic unit right away.

I am in Italy and I bought sparki from your official reseller the Robot Shop France.
So, do you directly send it to me?
Or maybe it is better if we contact them?

I would be pleased if you can give me detailed informations, also in pm .
Thanks for your support and attention.

Ok, thanks

they are sending me a new sensor