Plans for Servotor32 with 32 analog inputs?

I’m just wondering if there are plans to update the servotor32 board for the analog feedback-servos? I think one could just use some analog mulitplexers (found CD4067B CMOS 16-channel Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers) to get enough inputs, but it would be way nicers if the that would be integratet in the board and the input support implementet in the firmware.

Or maybe some plug in extention board?


Quite! We’re working on just such an expansion for Servotor32 right now:

We’ll offer them shortly in the store, within the next month (china is shut down right now for lunar new year). I’m hoping to add some buttons as well, so you can calibrate Hexy without using the computer.

We’re also working on the next version of Servotor32 for our humanoid robot, which will include analog input built-in in the least, with hopefully a gyroscope/accel and a microsd card reader as well. I’ll update more soon when we make a post about said robot.

Here are the eagle files if you want to jump ahead:

That sounds good! So I just need to save some money for the import-taxes. You really need a distributor in Europe! :sunglasses:

We have one! (Robotshop) They just don’t like to carry small stuff like this, because its not worth it for them. Do you have a favorite we could contact?

Any new update on the official PoMoCo coming along?

Yes, I’m currently wrapping up Sparki documentation thus week, so there should be a PoMoCo update either next week or the week after.

Nice one man, any hints on the upgrades it will contain or any new features?

We’re going to be pushing to implement most of the features Michael included, as well as a generally better interface and more robust serial connection. We also have a full 3D (not wireframe) simulator working, and an Arduino code generator. Exciting all around! I should be getting to this full time once Sparki documentation gets wrapped up in the next week or so. We should also have a Servotor32 update that adds some extras. Offsets stored onboard, binary communication, and a new timer method that will greatly reduce jitter. Honestly, ~80%+ of this stuff was inspired or implemented by Michael, so huge props to him. We just want to clean it, improve it and make it easy to install. For example, for the simulator, we’re using a much lighter and faster library that will display a full model. Here’s a screenshot:

We’re also working on our next project, which will require a re-design of Servotor32 to include a slew of new features, including said analog input, a massively upgraded processor, and probably SD card reader and 3-axis gyro/accel, while keeping a size so that it will still fit in older Hexys. But more on that later!

Awesome! Everybody is excited about this new update. Nice work. Can’t wait.
Oh yeah, I’m going to post some new and modified moves that you might find it interesting and consider some of the moves to your new version or updates for hexy.

Pls oh please add a headless mode of operation so we can use this with our tv sticks.

Maybe just a Suggestion, why not an Amazon store in Germany? I am pretty satisfied with the Amazon Service per DHL and i am also sure whatever i buy from Amazon Europa, it will also be delivered.

I can’t wait to see the new analog Input addons and the new servotor32. Thumb up.

Well, a good thing I saw this post. Was about to order a dozen of the new metal gear servos with analog inputs from the ArcBotics store. And shipping is a killer. Going to wait and order them together and save a few (lot of) bucks :smiley:

Any news on the pomoco upgrade?

I’m no longer excited on the upgrade anymore. I’m sticking to the old simple version that Michal created for us before. Good luck waiting guys!

What became of the Servotor32 expansion?