PoMoCo 2.0 not connecting to Servotor32

Hi there,

It was working at the very beginning. However, after I tried uploading some code to Servoto32 via Arduino IDE, PoMoCo is not working anymore. An error message below is shown when I click on Auto-Connect.

trying COM5
Serial Exception: COM5 , (<class ‘serial.serialutil.SerialTimeoutException’>, SerialTimeoutException(‘Write timeout’,), <traceback object at 0x05912760>)
trying COM1
Device not on COM1


I saw this a lot when I was writing my own version of servotor for an arduino mega. Try loading an example to the hexy (I assume) If that connects, it is your code. Also make sure the baud rate for send and receiving are the same on both the hexy and computer. Finally, is this a bluetooth or hard wire connection. If bluetooth, try it hardwired to see if it links. If it does, its the bluetooth. This should give you a few things to try. That is one of the more annoying error messages.