Pomoco codes in arduino uno board

possible, but it would require a lot of work to re-write the Servotor32 firmware for an Uno.

Sure. Atmega328 and Atmega32u4 basicly the same. Atmega32u4 just have another usb port and more I/O pin than 328 but we only need few pin to control.

It’s less about the atmega32u4/atmega328 difference, and more that the board uses shift registers to break out all the pins needed for that many servos.

Hey admin .Let make servoto32 run on board stm32f103. It so cheap , 64Kb flash and 20Kb ram, run at 72MHZ. So you can regenerate all move code and make interrupt every 5 us instead of 10us.

We’ve looked at that, but there’s no Arduino compatibility (maple doesn’t work well, and hasn’t been updated in years).

We are working on a new servo board/ servo setup, though. Stay tuned!

very well. but what MCU do you use for new board ? I hope you don’t use 16Mhz MCU. It too slow.