Power connector mismatch

This is such a basic factory assembly error, I’m quite surprised that it slipped through…

There is a mismatch between the power cable connectors and those on the microcontroller board of the kit that I’ve received via Adafruit a week ago.

The diameter of the inside pins of power connectors (servo plugs as per the instructions) on the microcontroller board are too thick for the Hexy power cables, and those cannot not be plugged into the servo plugs on the microcontroller board.

I’ve tested this (it’s also obvious from inspecting the connectors), the supplied Hexy power cables can easily be connected to an Arduino board, but not to the Servotor32 board. It would therefore appear as the incorrect parts have been assembled onto the Servotor32 board.

Not a great start to the building part of the project, I’ll have to source other power cables locally.

Resolved by replacing the connector cables with 2.5 mm inner diameter plugs.