Problem with my Hexy

Hallo everyone,
i got a problem with my hexy. When i try to run Pomoco on my hexy the servos are moving into all directions. Sometimes the “Reset” is working, but only when i hold my Hexy up, so he dont need a lot of power.
I connected all Servos to the right Port. I have 4x C.F.L AA Akku with 5200mAh(i dont belive this). I’m using PoMoCo 2.0.
I hope someone can help me. Thanks!


Hi Leeger,

This sounds like the batteries aren’t strong enough. I would suggest getting some new, high-capacity ones.

It’s not possible to make a 5200mAH battery, so I imagine as you suspected that the batteries are fake, and probably not good enough to run Hexy.