quad-walker thing

i had a thoght. what if there was a four legged version of hexy?

just a thoght

All you would have to do is not attach two of the legs and implement a 4-legged walking gait in PoMoCo.

We did a very compact 4-legged version a while back. While a bit cheaper, we figured 6 legs was a bit cheaper.

Now two-legged, that we’re working on (with MAKE Magazine at that). :wink:

2-legged? Seriously?

Very interesting!

Is it a two-legged humanoid robot project?

Yup! We’ll be announcing with lots more details soon (lots of exciting new partnerships), and launching a big survey, and work on it very openly on the forums/blog. The hope is to launch the kickstarter at Maker Faire San Mateo.

I think it’s so interesting project, ubnfortunetly i am total newbie and i can’t help

Any new information on the biped?

hmm nobody answer. any know some?

I’m really amazed with this stuff. I’m not a scientist but I follow all news.