servo failure

what is the problem if the servor is failure one by one. Yesterday, I have tried to fix the jitter servo13 by changing it. After I changed the servo13, the servo22 start jitter and failure in half an hour time.

Until today I have changed 5 servos. However still cannot find out what is the problem? Would it be the board’s problem? I am appreciate with any suggestion…

Hi Walker,

The biggest problem to cause servo failure is improperly calibrating the legs. This causes undue stress on the servos. You can read more about how to care for your servos here:

That said, the #1 fault servos have is stripped gears - which is why we also include replacement gears with Hexy. You can learn how to replace your gears here:

Joe, with the replacement servos you gave me a discount for, will they last longer than the originals? You were generous to send me a bag full, but there aren’t enough in the bag to fix all the servos that just grind (gears stripped). I’ve replaced the gears in several, but some of them appear to be frozen - meaning they won’t spin at all.
I love this Hexy but it definitely needs some replacement servos, let me know if those metal gear replacements will last and I’ll get them.

Yes, the metal gears last significantly longer.

Hi Joe, did you consider a version of the product with higher quality parts out of the box? Obviously, it would have to be a bit more expensive, but I bet some of us would be willing to pay more.

Hi Cletus,

We already offer just such a version: … r-edition/