Servotor and Compatibility


How compatible is Servotor with ArcBotics Metal Gear Servos, and PoCoMo? Do you have more detailed information about the Servotor?

Can the Servotor be programmed like an arduino? It sounds like it comes programmed already with an AT command shell ( Does this mean that a controller needs to be connected to the Servotor?

The Metal Gear Servos have analog feedback. Does the Servotor have the ability to read that feedback? If so, is it limited to the number of servos that may be monitored?

Does the PoCoMo program work with the Servotor32? Will it work with any other system? Is PoCoMo used to program Servotor?


They’re all designed to work together.

For information we have the product page:

And the design documents:

The Servotor32 is a controller in itself. It runs the arduino code from the product page. You can upload to it as an Arduino Leonardo from the regular Arduino software:

There aren’t native plugs in the Servotor32 analog feedback. The servos were designed quite after Servotor32 was made. You could make the circuit here, but that’s pretty advanced: