shipping for int customers: please add when you recieve hexy

just a thread for international backers about shipping

I got a shipment mail (Complete Hexy Kit to Europe/Belgium) on 5 dec.

The status on the usps website for the “First-Class Mail International” package is since then stuck on “Electronic Shipping Info Received” , it looks from googeling a bit this is not unheard of for this kind of postage, it looks the only other tracking status provided by usps is “delivered”.
So this only changes after delivery (which not yet happened :wink: ).

Seen the holiday volume i expect this not to be delivered (or have word of BE customs if they catch it) until mid jan.

But it would be nice if any other intl order would update here in this thread with

  • when they got a shipping email
  • when they recieved the shipment
  • in what country they reside

so other people have a rough idea what a “normal” timeframe is.

I’m from Australia.

I haven’t received my shipping email yet. :cry:

Edit: I have now received my shipping email! :smiley: Email received 3rd Jan. Now to wait for it to arrive.

I received it on the 23rd but didn’t get a tracking email or any sort of shipping confirmation. I’m from Dubai, UAE. From the shipping info on box it was shipped on the 5th.

thankx for posting.

if you want to check your spam folder, the shipping email i got has as sender and the subject is Your order has been shipped! :slight_smile:

[quote=“guntherv”]thankx for posting.

if you want to check your spam folder, the shipping email i got has as sender and the subject is Your order has been shipped! :slight_smile:[/quote]

I did check when I received it, and checked again with that email address, but nope, no confirmation at all.

[quote=“guntherv”]thankx for posting.

if you want to check your spam folder, the shipping email i got has as sender and the subject is Your order has been shipped! :slight_smile:[/quote]

Yep, I’ve been checking my spam folder too. No luck so far. :wink:

@distantcam: we haven’t finished shipping out all the kits from the kickstarter yet. If you can email with more information on you order (name, address), we can let you know your order status.

I am from Hong Kong, email notification on 12/4/2012 and the box arrived on 12/24/2012.

Having fun with the bluetooth module now…

well, just had it delivered :slight_smile:

so order send on 6 dec, received on 4 jan in belgium.

Belgium import duties was € 21.20 :frowning:

My Hexy kit just arrived :smiley: Will be booking me some time off from the office to play.

Shipping date: 18th December 2012
Delivery date: 4th January 2013

UK delivery. Import duty was £13 (although you don’t always get “caught”).

Fairly sure that I didn’t get a shipping email though…

I live in Sweden and my Hexy kit arrived yesterday.

Shipping date: 29th December 2012
Delivery date: 7th January 2013

No import duty :slight_smile:

It has arrived!

Email received 3rd Jan
Hexy arrived 14 Jan

11 days from US to Western Australia is about standard (usually it’s 10 days but yesterday was Sunday so no deliveries).

And just in time for my annual leave from work. :smiley:


I am from germany. I got an email on 18th of decemer “Your order has been shipped!”. Nothing arrived yet :frowning:

Greetings, Arcanix

Shipped November 21st
Arrived January 8th in the Netherlands

Ireland here, received email December 6th, received Hexy January 5th, no import duty!

Hi everyone

On friday, I asked for payment over PayPal, cause I don’t have a credit card and
got a positive reply asking for order details in less than an hour!
After I finally made the payment to ArcBotics yesterday,
I got an email this morning, informing me of my Hexy having been shipped out.
That was a pleasant surprise, for I’ve read something about an order backlog of 4 weeks.
I’ll notify you guys as soon as my package arrives.

Greetings from Switzerland


PS: Spelling corrections are greatly appreciated.

EDIT: My Hexy arrived! Exactly one week after receiving the shipping notification.

germany: Shipping-email on 18th of december, arrived at 16th of january. Had to pay 39euros duty.

germany: same as last post above.

Shipping-email on 18th of december (didnt notice it, was in spam in my googlemail)

package arrived at 16th of january and was held back at the duty office customs authority.

Had to pay 39,99 euros taxes, which is 19% MwSt (VAT). :imp:


Shipped: 13. Dec. 2012 with USPS
Arrival: 21. Jan. 2013.
location: Germany

Duty/Vat: 1,8% (robot kit) + 19%.

Yay ! I’ve received my Hexy today!

Shipped: January 15
Arrived: January 25
I’m from Quebec Canada