Something stupid that makes Hexy not move

I refixed wiring again and again but it always comes up to having Hexy moving only the left side of his legs and the movement is juttery, awkward, and wrong. Any ideas?

What does the wiring look like? Did you make sure the brown wires are facing outwards on both sides?

I tried what u said roboalchemist and the suituation just got worst. Now, the left legs won’t move… I tried rewiring it and same thuing happened. None of the legs move


Its hard to help with only “its not working”. Can you provide more information?

We still don’t know what the wiring looks like. Can you take a picture?
What are you using for power?
Are you controlling over USB or Bluetooth?
Do the servos still center when plugged into the first 4 ports (0,1,2,3)?