Sparki on Arch Linux


I have created Arch Linux installation package to easy connect Sparki with Arduino IDE.

Steps to start

  • install SparkiDuino library, it will install also Arduino IDE 1.0.x
  • connect USB cable to Sparki
  • connect USB cable to PC
  • run in terminal: sparki_usb
  • start Arduino IDE
  • menu Tools/Board/Arduino Leonardo
  • menu Tools/Serial Port/dev/ttyACM0
  • menu File/Examples/Arcbotics_Sparki/02. Variables/Arrays
  • menu File/Upload
  • look at Sparki’s LCD
  • have fun…
  • upload File/Examples/Arcbotics_Sparki/Restore_Defaults to reset Sparki to original state

SparkiDuino Update (May 24th)