.STL files empty


We’ve recently purchased the Hexy Hexapod and while trying to setup a Gazebo simulation, we’ve noticed that some of the .STL models are empty on import. The .STL model seems to be containing information about Vertices, Edges and Faces, but the models itself is not shown within Gazebo nor Blender. We’ve verified that the dimensions of the faulty models are similar to the dimensions of the correct one (To make sure it wasn’t just a Scale issue).

As an example, Thigh_top.STL is empty.
On the contrary, Servo.STL is OK and can be viewed in any 3D software such as Gazebo or Blender.

I’m able to open the STL fine using other software (like CURA), so I’m not sure what the issue is. I’ve gone ahead and exported the STEP files for Hexy as well to the Github:

You should be able to open those in any modern CAD software and export using the settings you’d like that would make it work in Gazebo. Let us know what you find out, Hexy running in Gazebo is a long-standing wish of mine!