Units for height

Hey all,

I’m just getting started messing around programming stuff for my hexapod, and the one question I have so far is what units does the code use for heights? For example, the very, very basic instructions for pomoco moves includes a setFootY() command. The example they use is hexy.LB.setFootY(60). What’s the 60? What’s the value of “Floor” that shows up in some of the moves? Trying to find some documentation to this, and so far failing. If there is a place where I can find the documentation that would tell me stuff like this, and similar, that would be great. Otherwise, anyone know the answer to these?

Thanks in advance


My recollection is that its degrees from the center of the body to the end foot position. Floor was a constant so that all the legs would end up at the same position when touching the ‘floor’. We just hired a writer that will start working on Hexy soon for this kind of stuff.