Where to find Sparkii code from community?

Hi everybody,

my dauther and I are very excited, waiting for the delivery of our first sparki.

I was looking for code from community ( not only default examples) but I can’t find out a lot.
In the forum there are few recent posts, and lot of questions don’t receive answers.
I am from italy, far away from you and can’t touch the situation.
Is the project and the community still active on sparki?

Where can I find more on sparki?

Thanks for your attention and suggestions

I haven’t seen any collections of Sparki code anywhere. Though there is quite a few lessons and examples on the lessons page (arcbotics.com/lessons/sparki/).

I have one program posted, that I worked on awhile ago with some help from my daughter.

This program moves the Sparki and uses the ultrasonic sensor to avoid collisions.


thanks for your answer

Check out my blog just google: ashbotandsparki

documents my programming journey from knowing nothing to programming cool stuff like a sparki alarm/timer, sparki relay race and using extra sensors to make an entertainment robot.


Thank you, ashbot;
Now I have a lot of stuff to study :smiley: