Why custom build of Arduino?

Is there a technical reason for the custom Arduino app (Sparkduino)?
It seems kind of a nuisance and confusing for users to have both apps in the dock. Couldn’t Sparki just be a normal Library like everything else?
Can it be used that way?

I ask because I’d like get away from the Mac Arduino app. The text editor is non-standard and has weird behaviors. There isn’t even a Window menu in the menubar. Many other silly things.
Could Sparki be added to codebender.cc? It’s really nice and I’d love to get away from the Mac Arduino app

We do that so people don’t have to go about the process of downloading and installing the correct version of arduino, downloading and installing the drivers, downloading and adding the library, and having all the extra Arduino libraries and examples there to confuse them (especially since there’s an Arduino robot in there now). We’re mostly targeting non-technical users with Sparki, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started.

If you’d like to just have the library, we have that available on the starting page here:

Here’s the most current version of the arduino library at this time:
d3k8ss0l8daviq.cloudfront.net/Sp … .0.5.5.zip

I haven’t used codebender before though, so that’s an exercise for the user :wink:

That’s great news!

Codebender adds libraries upon request from users. I’ll request that they add Sparki and let you know how it goes!

Yay, the Sparki library is now supported by codebender. (BTW, you left some debug prints in there. :frowning: )

One question: For the board type, it seems to work fine if I select Leonardo as my board. Anything that I should know? Is this safe? The board.txt definitions look pretty similar.

Yes, selecting as leonardo is fine.

Btw, we partnered with Codebender, and our getting started guide for using Codebender/Chrombooks with Sparki is now here:
arcbotics.com/lessons/getting-st … bender-cc/